Liposuction treatment in NCR

“Fat” is a word with double narratives where on the one side it is playing a big role in human life by fulfilling the nutrients intake in a body on the other hand if it is accumulated in excess in a human body then it becomes a cause of concern…

Hair Transplant Cost ! Dr. Prashant Yadav

In this stressful life where a human being is stuck in daily chores, humans are maintaining themselves in the best possible way to look amazing every time and their Hairs play a big role in enhancing their looks but when they start falling they got another reason to get worried…

Top 10 Best Plastic surgeons in Pune

Thinking about an aesthetic turnover? And confused about whom to approach, then the right person to look for is, a plastic surgeon as only a plastic surgeon is well qualified in doing both reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries, they are specialized in shaping the contours of the body using various techniques…

Dr Prashant Yadav (DR PRASHANT)

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